Sunday, November 1, 2009


Welcome to the home of the OneNote Time Planner template. The latest version of the template can be downloaded from the following link (right click - save as):

The file is a complete OneNote workbook in a zip file. To install the template extract the zip and  double click on the package file. 



  1. It looks like you could use this powertoy to move focus on each page in the template to the top of the page: That would save a little bit of scrolling around once you unpack the template.

    This looks great!

  2. Having problems downloading this, I seem to get a firewall error from the webhost. Anyone else having problems

  3. It appears as if this is not recoignized as a .zip file during download.

  4. It looks like some people are having problems downloading. I will investigate and get back to you. In the meantime if you send me an email to dean at deangardiner dot net I will email you the template.


    1. Hi! Is it possible to get version of the Time Planner template? It is great!

  5. Sincere Thanks, Dean!

    Hats off to your OOTB thinking, your time and effort!

    Best Regards

  6. Dear Dean Gardiner

    I have just loaded OneNote (2007), and was disapointed that it did not have a planner or diary. I then found your web site and downloaded your Time Planner Template. However, I noted that although it very easy to access the month and date of any year (which I have set up, - as per your instructions) I was disapointed to find that although I can pull up 12th September 2011 for example, it does not say what day it is - ie Monday in this case, . This is important when planning normal workdays into the future so that I avoid weekends etc. Are you planning a 'patch' or something which would overcome this difficulty, or is there something I can do to acheive this ? or anything else that you might be able to suggest please?

    Thasnk you for your programe - it is great in every other way.

    Yours Sincerely,

    John Clifford

  7. Thank you for this contribution, I liked may I do the translation of your template to Spanish?